Employee Management and Details.

Within Quick Personnel you can store many details about your Employees and Staff Members. There is a whole host of information that you can track. Full Name, Address, Date Of Birth, Salary Information, Job Titles, Department, Start Date and Leave Date to name a few.
These are what we call Data Fields and each Data Field has a Label. For example the Date Of Birth Field has a Label of Date of Birth but the Label can be changed to be whatever fits your Business best.

PLEASE NOTE That all of the Labels along side the Data Fields can be changed to whatever you wish.
Post \ Zip Code could be changed to "Zip Code" or "Post Code" as an example.

The Data Fields are grouped on a series of Tabs for easy navigation. The Tabs are as follows

  • Jump To Employee Management General Details.
  • Jump To Employee Management Miscellaneous Details.
  • Jump To Employee Management Salary Details.
  • Jump To Employee Management Contacts and Next of Kin.
  • Jump To Employee Management Custom/User Defined Fields.
  • Jump To Employee Management Contact, Training, Appraisals and Discipline. click here to watch the video

Jump To Employee Management Top General Details:

With Quick Personnel's General Tab you can store and track what we call an Employees General Details.
The Data Fields included on this Tab are
Staff/Employee Number: This is a Unique reference for this Employee. It is used for synchronising Data in other systems via the Import and Export System. This is useful for updating your Payroll Software with updated Employee details.
Status: The Status Data Field is a drop down list that you can modify as you wish via the Quick Personnel Pick Lists. This makes sure that your Users can only select from a set list of values such as Active, Unactive, Retired etc. This way you can ensure that you have Data Integrity knowing that all of your Users are using a standard set of values.
Date Joined and Leave Date: These Data Fields hold a date value. Each date in Quick Personnel has a date selection button next to the Data Field for ease of use. You can however type directly in to the Data Field itself.
Company Name: By changing this value you can move an Employee to another Company. Only Companies that you have setup will appear in the list.
Manager/Supervisor: This is used to hold the name of the Employee/Staff Member that is stored in Quick Personnel as this Employees Manager/Supervisor. Again there is a selection button next to the Data Field that shows a list of the Employees/Staff Members held within Quick Personnel.
Security Level: This is the visibility of the Employee to the Users of Quick Personnel. This way you can hide the details of Directors and Senior Managers etc from Users that you feel should not have privilege to.
Other Data Fields: The rest of the Data Fields on the General Tab are self explanatory

The General Details Tab: Includes Names, Dates and Address details.

Using the tabs you can easily jump to any detail stored against each Employee/Staff Member.

Jump To Employee Management Top Miscellaneous Details:

With Quick Personnel's Miscellaneous Tab you can store and track what we call an Employees Miscellaneous Details.
The Data Fields included on this Tab are
Other Details: This is where we store details such as Marital Status, Ethnic Origin and Nationality. Again these are linked to a Pick List and you can edit these list as required.
Emergency Contact: This is the Primary Contact for this Employee. These values can link directly to the Contacts/Next of Kin details Tab.
Vehicle details: This is helpful if you need to hold the details of a Company Vehicle or just the Employees own vehicle.
Employee Portrait: This can be used to store a Photo of the Employee/Staff Member.

The Miscellaneous Details Tab: Includes Marital Status, Nationality, Photo and Emergency Contact.

Using the tabs you can easily jump to any detail stored against each Employee/Staff Member.

Jump To Employee Management Top Salary Details:

With Quick Personnel's Salary Tab you can store and track basic Employee Salary Details.
The Data Fields included on this Tab are
Salary Details: This area holds the general Salary details of the Employee. The Annual Holiday Allowance Data Field is what the Attendance System uses as its Total for indicating the total amount of Holiday the Employee has used.
Bank/Building Society Details: Holds the details of the Employees Bank/Building Society including the address and Account Code.
Pension Details: This is helpful if you need to hold the details of any Pension details.
Salary Band/Scale: These Data Fields are again linked to a Pick List which can be changed as needed.

The Salary Details Tab: Includes Tax Code, Salary, Bank, Holiday and Pension details.

Using the tabs you can easily jump to any detail stored against each Employee/Staff Member.

Jump To Employee Management Top Contacts/Next of Kin Details:

With Quick Personnel's Contacts/Next of Kin Tab you can store a list of Contacts/Next of Kin for the Employee.
You can add as many contacts/Next of Kin to the list as needed. For each Contact you add you can store lots of details. Some of the Data Fields are linked to Pick Lists and again can be updated as needed.
The Chain Link Button next to the Address Data Field can be used to automatically copy the Address details for the Employee. This is useful for contacts that live in the same household as the Employee.
The Set As Main Contact Button copies the selected Contacts details to on to the Miscellaneous details Tab as mention earlier.

The Contacts/Next of Kin Tab: Includes Names and Address details for Spouses and Contacts.

Using the tabs you can easily jump to any detail stored against each Employee/Staff Member.
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Jump To Employee Management Top Custom/User Defined Fields:

There are several ways to store extra information within Quick Personnel. There are 8 User Defined Fields that you can setup to hold what ever values that you require from text to Dates to emails.
You can also change the descriptions of the text that each field has throughout Quick Personnel. You can change for example the "Zip/Post Code" to "Zip Code" or you could just use a field that you would never use to hold something completely different.

The User Defined Fields Tab: Includes your Custom Fields and Attendance Maximums.

Using the tabs you can easily jump to any detail stored against each Employee/Staff Member.

Jump To Employee Management Top Contact, Training, Appraisal and Discipline:

Within Quick Personnel you can keep track of general contact, Training, Discipline and Appraisal History. As well as a comprehensive list of details that you can store you can also attach external files and documents to each recorded item. If the attached file or document is on a shared drive then every user can have access to it by simply double clicking the Icon. In the image below you can see that there is a PDF attached to one of the Contact records, if a user double clicks the icon then they will be presented with the actual PDF that was attached. This is obviously controlled by security and can be restricted per User.

The Contact, Training, Discipline and Appraisal area allows you to keep track of activities per employee.

Using the tabs you can easily jump between Contact, Training, Discipline and Appraisal.
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