Company Management Frequently Asked Questions

How many Companies can I create with Quick Personnel?

There is no limit to how many Companies that you can setup within Quick Personnel. Each Company can also have a Group to help with organising your Companies.
Some of our Customers store each of their Depots as a Company and the Group then becomes the Company which is perfectly acceptable within Quick Personnel.

What is the limit on the number of Employees and Staff members that I can hold.

There is no limit on the number of Employees and Staff members that you can hold. This is true for every Company that you setup within Quick Personnel.

Can I select and change the attendance screen to match our Company holidays?

Yes on the Company screen you can set the holidays for your company to start whichever month you require when you are in the process of setting up the Company and adding the details. Your company may run holidays from January to January or from April to April etc. This is totally customisable to you.

Our Company always has 2 weeks holidays in July. Do I have to add this holiday’s manually to each employee?

No this would be very time consuming. On the company screen you have the option to set holidays. You can then add any holidays all employees will have to take if the company has a shutdown period and click the update all employees. Quick Personnel will then add these holiday’s onto every employee’s attendance grid automatically.

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