Employee Management Frequently Asked Questions

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How many Employees can the system hold?

There is no limit to how many Employees you can hold in the system. Unlike other system you do not have to pay extra for the number of Employees you wish to hold within Quick Personnel.

Can I restrict Users from viewing certain Employees. For example Management and Directors?

Yes, every Employee has a security level setting and every User has a security level. If the User has the correct Security level then they may view that Employee.

How much does Quick Personnel cost?

The cost of Quick Personnel per user license is only £99-00 there is a discount for multiple licenses of 5 or more available.

How many licenses do I need for my Company?

You will need to purchase a license for every workstation / PC that Quick Personnel is installed on.

Do you have a Demonstration version of the software?

Yes there is a Demonstration version available to download. It is a free 30 day trial of the software.

What information can I store for my Employees?

There are numerous fields stored within Quick Personnel including, personal details, next of kin, salary details, contact numbers, attendance, absenteeism and many more. There are also 8 customisable fields to allow you to change these categories to make it work for your own business needs!

Can I import and export data for my employees?

Yes, we have a highly customisable Import/Export system which allows all of your data to be used. You can use the system to keep your Payroll Records up to date.

What are the login details for the 30 day demo?

To login to the Demonstration version of Quick Personnel simply type:-

User - Admin
Password – password

Can I print reports from Quick Personnel?

Yes there are various reports within the software enabling you to print employee details including Attendance.

We have numerous users of Quick Personnel; can we share the software on our network?

Yes Quick Personnel is a Multi-User System. The Data Store can be shared on a Network or Shared Drive/Folder. Each User needs to have Read/Write Access to the area where the Data Store is held.
All you then have to do is point each Users Quick Personnel Software to where the Data Store is held. This can be done easily from within the Data Store area of Quick Personnel.

Do you have support available for the software?

Yes, you can E-mail any queries or questions to Support@esoft-ltd.com and we will endeavour to reply as soon as we can.

Is it a one off payment for the software?

Once you have purchased Quick Personnel you have the first years support, maintenance and updates to the software for free. If you then wish to carry on receiving new updates and help with any support queries you may have, you can then renew your license for £50.00 per license.

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