Reports and Exports Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Import and Export my employee’s details either to Quick Personnel or from the software?

Yes, we have a highly customisable Import/Export system which allows all of your data to be used. You can use the system to keep your Payroll Records up to date for example.

What reports are in Quick Personnel?

There are various reports in Quick Personnel. Employee detail reports, holiday request reports, attendance reports and Management reports to list but a few! There are also confirmation reports so your employees can sign and confirm the details on the report for your records.

Can I print off the Attendance records if I need too?

Yes you can print off numerous Attendance reports within the report section on the Employee screen.

Can I narrow down the details I wish to see on my reports? I.e. Just employee’s from a certain department, or from a certain time period?

Yes Quick Personnel has this facility in the report section. On the report dropdown the Management Attendance report will allow you to select the criteria you wish to print. This could be a date period, a department, a company, an attendance type or an employee status.

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